Flare Audio Triwave i10 line array speaker hire with Triamped amplifiers.


UK - Flare Audio has announced the arrival of their new Triwave Flying System for the Triwave i10 multi format loudspeaker, which will be on flown demonstration at PLASA 2011 on stand 1-J13.

Designed by Flare Audio and milled in the UK by specialist engineers, the Triwave Flying System is made from solid aerospace aluminium and highlights the best of British high precision design and engineering, the company says.

The system is lightweight, quick to fly and capable of flying up to 33 Triwave i10 speakers. The system is fully contained with no loose parts.

The company states: "During beta testing at music concerts this summer Triwave produced stunning audio comparable only to true studio reference quality, which captivated audiences and impressed the FOH sound engineers using the new system. Triwave requires no system EQ, which results in a flat response that has an incredible transient attack. High frequencies remain totally focused and do not separately drop out with wind, which has been the main issue with other line array systems to date. Destructive interference between speakers has been removed as the HF driver's couple coherently a small distance away from the speakers at an incredibly high crossover point of 6 KHz. During the Beta tests tight noise level restrictions were easily achieved off site as the audio energy remained coherently focused on the audience."

Using stainless steel bushes and quick release stainless steel pins, the system has been designed to last. The flying system can be rapidly retro fitted to any Triwave i10 allowing hire companies to scale in confidence, without the need to upgrade loudspeakers as they grow.

The specially designed lightweight Triwave Fly Bar and Bridle Bar have numerous pick points for tilting the system with 1 or 2 motors and can fly 1 up to 33 Triwave i10 loudspeakers, doubling up as a ground stacked line source support system.

With the use of two Triwave i10 interchangeable HF plates (0x90 and 10x90) 0, 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 degrees of tilt can be achieved whilst maintaining a coherent planer angle over the entire hang. Triwave i10 has the ability to form line source, point source, line array J, or a combination to fit requirements. Custom HF plates are available with any horizontal or vertical dispersion, allowing Triwave i10 to be truly versatile and capable of any size of setup, the company adds.

Ahead of the first public showing at PLASA 2011 Triwave is already booked for headline tours in the Autumn both in the UK and worldwide