Nivoflex metric sized stage block hire from Conference-Stage-Hire. These aluminium framed, carpet covered wooden topped portable mobile stage units are made by a German manufacturer and are of superb quality. They also comply with industry standard load bearing regulations (750 daN/m2).

Nivoflex Event
An aluminium rostra system with clean lines capable of taking 750daN/m2 and standing up to 1.66m without additional bracing. Conforms to DIN4112. Takes standard scaffolding tube legs. Weighs 29kg with a 90mm storage height. These decks are made in Germany so, to avoid transport costs, please allow time for small orders to be shipped together with large orders.

_ Light weight.
_ Simple clean lines.
_ Economically priced.
_ Takes round or square legs.
_ Wide variety of accessories are available.

We have 24 of these alluminium framed, wooden topped stagehire units for event rental hire. They have been used before with load test certificates, but mostly in boutique london Hotels sparingly and in controlled indoor event settings, so they are in excellent condition. Each unit is faced with light Birch coloured wood, or black painted surface and ready for carpet tile covering if requested.

They take a plug 200mm, 400mm, or 600mm height square or round push in legs, which fixes in underneath using a spring lever, which is very easy to fasten/unfasten and very secure in its operation.

The 24 blocks of in-stock staging normally comes complete with 40cm plug in legs for all large units. We have 12 sets in 200mm, and also 12 sets of four in 600mm, todate!

We also have bought in  smaller two units walk up step units which have 20cm legs making them ideal for use as tread steps. There is also a quantity of 60cm legs to fit 12 of the units, (the legs are square, please take a look at the picture showing how the legs connect to the decks) allowing for multi-level choir stage or seating platform permutations.

Each unit can be locked to another using a very simple, expanding locking nut. There's a good quantity of these supplied with each hire, far in excess of what is required to erect all the units and there are two tools to go with these fixings.
Were happy to throw in a selection of black, fire-retardent skirt surrounds too. They come in 4m/5m lengths and again, whilst the majority are 40cm in height, there is a quantity of 60cm and 20cm height lengths to suit the quantity of different leg heights.

 Also included if required are a quantity of 50cm x 50cm grey carpet tiles. I've used these to carpet the staging, fixing them with adhesive carpet tape. They are used, but in good condition, and we have enough to cover every platform.but they are FOC.
New carpet can be vbought in if requested at cost price

These units are a great alternative to Steeldeck and are great for anyone involved in the presentation industry. Whilst relatively lightweight, wood surface with alluminium frames,there is delivery/ collection option, and our delivery driver can set up, and take down too if requested.

Perspex Lecterns, stage sets with video screens, PA sound system and stand spot lighting can also be supplied too

Call/ Text Roger on 0973 430950 for more info.

Can be collected from our store at J3 on the M25 motorway in Kent

More infomation from UK importer  Flints here:

Can be rented from Erento agency here: Stage Hire